Whether you want to purchase new medical equipment for your clinic or invest in new software for your medical office, iLeaseWorks can help you to gain the financing required to achieve your professional goals!

At iLeaseWorks, we specialize in financing programs and leasing for the medical industry and medical professionals, like you. We know that every clinic and medical office has different needs, and we have a wide variety of financing options available to accommodate most credit profiles. We’ll work hard to find the a custom financing program and structure that best suits your capital equipment or technology needs.

Save your Working Capital

Many doctors and medical professionals have found that saving their cash as working capital instead of tying it up in large equipment purchases helps them retain financial flexibility for future growth of their practice. Medical financing and leasing programs with iLeaseWorks provide the financing necessary to purchase equipment and technology to stimulate growth of your clinic.

Flexible Medical Financing Programs

  • Our unique 100% Financing Programs allow doctors and clinicians to borrow the entire cost of the medical equipment on a term that fits the useful life of the equipment.
  • Some of our custom financing options include deferrals, step up programs, and structured programs. We even offer financing that is not reported to your personal credit report and will not negatively affect your credit score.
  • The equipment being financed is collateral, not your practice.
  • Equipment upgrades and add-ons can easily be added at any time.
  • You equipment or software purchase may be eligible for tax advantages with Tax Code 179. Consult with your own tax consultant for your situation.

At iLeaseWorks, our goal is to offer competitive financing solutions to meet the needs of today’s medical professionals.  We have a custom financing solution that is perfect for your needs.

The application process is fast and simple,

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