With almost 100 years combined experience in healthcare equipment and software financing and leasing, the iLeaseWorks team has the knowledge and resources to find the perfect financing solution for you. Whether you are a medical professional or an equipment/software seller, we will work to understand your unique needs and deliver customized results to help you reach your business goals.

Tony Tydlacka – President

Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the healthcare equipment and software financing industry. Having spent his early years in this market working for bank-owned and independent lease/finance companies, Tony is well adept at how the process works. However, with a focus on people and individual needs, Tony’s approach is much different than the process of big banks. Building a foundation of solid key relationships with banks, equipment and software sellers, and doctors have been the key to his continued success over the years. He strives to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that stand the test of time.

Joel Reiter – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Joel has over 20 years of experience in the finance industry specifically in lending. Starting his career in consumer finance at Wells Fargo, he transitioned from auto finance, mortgage origination, then into equipment financing. While working in different sectors of the financial industry, Joel has mastered the art of creative financing and persistence. Joel is a respected leader in the industry with his honest and efficient approach. With his experience, dedication, and skill, he is committed to help customers find the financing solution that meets their individual needs.

Mike Sweeney – Vice President of Healthcare Finance

Mike brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare finance arena. During his tenure in the Healthcare market, Mike has seen multiple approaches in attempts to land and secure vendor relationships. With a focus on communication, professionalism, and candor, Mike’s approach varies from the majority of the competition in the equipment finance space. Building and maintaining relationships with banking institutions, equipment manufacturers, and vendors have been vital in his success throughout his career. A continued effort to strive towards mutually beneficial partnerships is of paramount importance to Mike.

Jake Kurtzweg – Finance Specialist

Jake hails from an International Business background and has over 3 years of experience in the healthcare finance industry. His time spent abroad has taught him Cross-Cultural Communication Skills, Excellent Networking Abilities, Adaptive thinking as well as Resilience. Creating finance solutions that meet and exceed customer’s expectations is his specialty. Building strong relationships with customers and vendors has proven central to his success. Providing outstanding customer service and making the financing experience as seamless as possible is Jake’s priority and ultimate goal.