Business Success

Podcast Episode on Close More Deals with a Proven Finance Partner;

What you will learn:

  • Why do the most successful CEOs use a one-stop shop for all their client financing needs?
  • What effective CFOs want in terms of reporting and reducing administrative burdens?
  • Understanding the role of effective finance in the success of your sales team

Podcast Episode On Startup to a Giant in Global Aesthetics in 4 years – Featuring Paul and Kevin, the founders of Thermi

From a start-up to a giant in global aesthetics in 4 years;

What you will learn:

  • Why iLeaseWorks (finance partner) was one of the first calls the veteran founders made when starting Thermi
  • Keys to Thermi’s $85 Million exit
  • How integrating the iLeaseWorks team into Thermi’s sales process maximized sales
  • Paul and Kevin’s advice to young entrepreneurs in aesthetics
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